Our partner’s unique approach features a robust infrastructure based on blockchain technology, with sophisticated AI built in to support entrepreneurs and automate the provision of business services. By spreading investments across a wide range of businesses, the network of professional investors is able to mitigate its risk.

At the heart of Consilience Ventures model is Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) which is supported by an agile "Sprint Financing" concept. This gives selected companies immediate access to an exclusive community of top-tier business experts, providing start-ups and scale-ups with world-class acceleration, exciting new commercial opportunities and high investment returns.

Our Model Is Different

The traditional model of venture financing – waterfall or series financing – is not always suitable for optimal start-up development. It can end up distracting founders from focusing on what should be your core business, as you have to chase the next tranche of investment, manage burn rates and prepare for future rounds. If you like the sound of our new “Sprint Financing” approach, and want to find out more, contact us at info@realworldcapital.co.uk.  

Consilience Ventures is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority